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Passion to Create a Simpler Solution
for Homeowners looking to

Remodel their Kitchen or Bath

Entrepreneurs and seasoned Kitchen & Bath Professionals Kirk & Twila Heiner have spent the past 25 years designing and creating beautiful kitchens and baths in homes from Seattle to Hawaii, to North Carolina.

They’ve owned and operated 5 kitchen and bath showrooms in the Pacific Northwest. 

Their client list includes famous sports figures, celebrities, top designers and architects.

Having worked on some of America’s largest homes, they’ve seen it all.

Everything from tiny 600 square foot homes, to 26,000 ft mansions and the world’s largest dome home coming in at 66,000 sq ft.

The Heiners teach seminars and C.E.U. credited courses for the kitchen and bath industry, helping designers obtain their design credentials. They’ve worked hard to shape the kitchen and bath industry to be more client-centered in everything from design to selections.

After years of seeing the massive dis-connect between the kitchen / bath showroom experience and people's needs as they shop for their new kitchen, they decided to create a simple solution for homeowners searching to create their dream kitchens.

They invented simpler installation processes to help kitchen projects finish faster.

Innovating & adapting their showrooms to be more customer-friendly, they invented and patented display systems and visualization tools to end the struggle many people face when shopping for their new kitchen.

Inspired with that vision, they set out to create a showroom experience that was simple, straight-forward and customer-centered. And 
EZ Kitchen Design was born.

Motivated by a deep desire to help nice folks envision and enjoy the kitchen of their dreams, they have a vision for showrooms with Simpler selections, Better displays, Smarter systems.

EZ Kitchen Team has the experience and know-how to help you create the space of your dreams, and to get it done on time and on budget. Using quality, vetted contractors and subs, they offer a seem-less solution from start to finish.

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Making it Easy!

Did you know ...

1 out of 3 homeowners considering a kitchen remodel will quit because the process is so overwhelming? Too many choices, flaky contractors, dis-functional showrooms. 

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